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Rhythm & Booze

I reviewed London based Nemo's debut single, Lifespan, a while back and immediately fell for their contagious blend of electronica and stabbing punk guitars, well now the band are back with a brand new single and guess what? It's even better then their first offering.

Car Crash Eyes opens with a glorious new wave/punk guitar riff before a throbbing electronic groove joins the mix and James Cook unleashes a brilliant dark and seductive croon. The song progresses with a barrage of drums, sci-fi synths and howling guitars creating an energetic blend of electro-rock which eventually gives way to a gloriouly hook-laden chorus that has punky attitude and pop sensibilities in equal measure. Like the preceeding single, Car Crash Eyes is instantly memorable and the band's rigourous energetic workout is more than a little addictive.

Car Crash Eyes is backed up with the equally brilliant Erase-Escape, a Killers-esque hybrid of new wave punk and low buzzing electronics and Timebomb, a four minute electro-rock epic that pulses and throbs.

And if that's enough the band also include a brilliant video that cuts between a club show, the band performing in a sterile white room and haunting images of a ghostly girl with a psychotic look of obsession and murder in her eyes. The video is worth the price of the single alone, it's dark and brooding, complimenting the song wonderfully and though it's obviously a low budget affair it still has something of a cinematic feel, which I'm surew the band will want to expand on given the chance.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 10

Will Munn

Rhythm and Booze

helium.com/April 2007

Glancing over the names of the people involved in creating their debut album (who have worked alongside a variety of Artists to include Kasabian, Placebo and Sneaker Pimps) you instantaneously appreciate that Nemo are unlike the current acts making up today's indie scene. From a band described as being "the past, the present, the bright dancing future and most of all themselves rolled into one" this assumption would not be erroneous.

Car Crash Eyes' is the second single to be released from the highly anticipated album Post Human Love'. For someone who has never experienced the musical ecstasy of the electro rock North London based foursome, this is a first rate introduction to a dissolute relationship with their electro fusion of punk and pop strung together effortlessly with lyrical bliss. For already adoring fans, this is a song that will linger endlessly in the depths of your mind whilst tugging on your heart strings, something of which we have come to expect from a band expressing such a raw talent.

With this new edition to the Nemo collection, the boundaries of popular indie music have been shattered once again, with the energetic mix of harsh guitar riffs screaming from the amps and rigorous drums this song has to offer. Add to that a series of sci-fi synth samples and the distinctive voice of lead vocalist James Cook switching his style from that of soothing melodies to the irate rebellious punk declarations with short, point-making lyrics, and the underlying groans of the petulant bass and you have the perfect track to keep your mind constantly buzzing and your feet moving.

The B sides to this track; Erase-Escape and Timebomb do not fail to tie together this over explosive single. Erase-Escape could undoubtedly hold it's own light as a single. The edgy beats of the drum, snapping synths and catchy chorus, with James Cook's deep voice highlighted with complementary inputs of a higher pitch come as a high quality added bonus. Timebomb, on the other hand, is the more vocally gentle of the three tracks. Boasting less of the sharp spark of the other tracks it provides a more easy listening track beautifully composed.

Sammy Browne


The Plastic Ashtray

‘Car Crash Eyes’ has the bite of Franz Ferdinand and the grind of Depeche Mode and catchy uber-pop sensibilities. “But if I was a satellite/ Id try and watch you from the skies” leads us in to the electro pop chorus. It’s light, frothy and fun but really isn’t the song I was looking for. Not to say it’s a bad song, it just isn’t the barn stormer I was promised.

‘Erase – Escape’ sees things venture through Soft Cell like vocals, buzzing synths and shards of guitar. It’s all very Dave Gahan in places, swaggering and strutting all over the shop. But after name checking their influences I’m still not sold by these songs. There’s a hook missing which could make these songs truly special.

‘Timebomb’ is a darker affair, with it’s drum machine rock and Cure bass sound. Nemo really mix the light with the dark. ‘Timebomb’ is simple and catchy with some excellent and spooky keyboard runs, alternative guitar lines and rocking rhythm section. I really like this, ironically it’s the 3rd track. Not single material but certainly still infectious.

Nemo are from a new crop of bands mixing 80’s electro influence with indie. ‘Car Crash Eyes’ hardly set me alight but it certainly marks the band as a group who have all the right sounds and moves to go on to bigger things. Maybe not the right track yet, but good things come to those who wait.

Pete Stanley


Optimum Impact

More people should know about Nemo, simply because they’re fucking ace (yes, I’m bringing ace back). This glorious month sees the release of the Lahndahn electro-rawk quartet’s second single, Car Crash Eyes – a darkly sexy poprock piece, deliciously anthemic with sharp electro tendrils scraping through each lick.

The song is an ode to the disturbing world of the obsessive e-groupie, (with a matching video that features Alice Lowe as one of the above mad-eyed nutters); frantic and contagious in its thumping beat. And a chorus stuffed with vocal harmonies plus a climatic key change…? What can I say? I was already won over by Dance Rock (which, incidentally, you really do need… Seriously, it’s life or death), now I’m in love all over again.

The two B-sides, Erase – Escape and Timebomb are stolen straight whence electro was first born; the eighties. The rock is softened, the electro polished and pointed. These lads are genre spanners.

Our very own Jettica has wangled getting them featured on musicfinity.com in the near future - look out for that badger, along with a little gushing plug that will no doubt appear in my later Electro article. Electro-rock is back, with a vengeance. As are afro's on white men, apparently...



This Is Fake DIY

The second single from Londonites Nemo bursts on to our senses with an insistent beat and some heavy, scratchy synth action. The likes of this haven't been seen since The Human League last attempted a comeback, and dare it be said, this is slightly more successful.

It's a nicely constructed track - dark electro-rock verses tempered by a vintage 80s synth-pop chorus, complete with classic key change towards the end. Compared with other electro singles out there at the moment, this is the most true to the roots of the genre.

Accordingly, it's very retro, so if you're looking for the stomping singalong aspect of an Infadels or a Shy Child then you may be disappointed. But if you're after a blast from the past - perhaps some 'Rio' era Duran Duran - then this is for you.

Laura Careless



Set firmly as one of London's most respected bands, their music is far from this world; Stepping into an almost post-apocalyptic era, bringing something fresh and dynamically unique. Back with this inventive and utterly infectious track after the release of their debut single 'Lifespan', this is definitely the music of the now and the future!

Car Crash Eyes begins with an opening volley of guitars shooting laser beam-esque notes closely followed by moody deeply hypnotic dirty electronica. The vocals add a distinct assuredness in an almost hauntingly way. Suddenly everything combines in wicked rhythm as the chorus becomes a conglomerate of melodic frenzy and the result is the eighties brought up to date. This is instantly memorable and will have you hooked for days upon days.

Onto the B-sides and firstly we have Erase-Escape, which is a heady foray into fuzzy, stomping music. The thing that grabs you is the stabbing, marching rhythm which pumps you throughout the entire tune. There are some nice additions, notably with the backing vocals and the almost spoken lead vocals really draw you in with their rich tonality.

Timebomb is quite trippy at moments as the various instruments combine to produce the musical equivalent of Dali's melting clocks. The psychedelic twists around the chorus are well fused and at times the song sounds like it's coming to you from another realm. There's definitely an art form to making music sound like it's almost out of control – yet perfectly balanced. As with the two previous songs you'll be reminded of the eighties and yet still feel firmly seated in the naughties.

The songs are really beautifully composed and as if your senses weren't electrified enough, there included is a fantastic video that compliments the song superbly. If you by any amount of luck get the chance to see Nemo live please do as these songs live are a sensational affair.

Gavin Higgins



Yes please, love this. Let their punk-edged melodies and dark lyrics wreak havoc with your soul. One hand repeatedly beating you with its retro rock and the other soothing you with its electro pop sensibilities, this will subvert your very being. Enjoy.

Jeremy Hodges


Digital Spy

London quartet Nemo have taken the concept of electro, moved it into the indie sphere, and made it a lot harder, rougher and even somewhat violent in tone. Their second single 'Car Crash Eyes' is a blasting, throbbing tune that will get inside your head and refuse to leave. Its heavy, powerful Depeche Mode-esque sensibilities combine with the funky synth use that backs the track to form a tune that thumps you on the head until you give into the drowsy sound.

Nemo are potentially great, and 'Car Crash Eyes' definitely shows that potential off, but whether the greatness of this single can be extrapolated to their upcoming and hotly anticipated album is another matter entirely. On the strength of this punky, funky, searing tune, though, it looks likely that this might be the case.


Miriam Zendle


UK Music Search

The sound of Duran Duran roughed up by Oasis and thrown into a blender of glam rock excess, Nemo are a band as heavy on the synthesisers and eyeliner as they are on the guitars and choruses.

Delivering new single CAR CRASH EYES with a furious eye on the garishness of 80s pop, frontman James delivers an aura of up -front anthemic stadium pop, the missing link between Bryan Ferry and Brendan Flowers; driving guitar riffs battling with cold synth stabs and pulsing drum beats. The art rocking ERASE - ESCAPE maintains Nemo's Devo meets Roxy Music meets Duran Duran sensibilities whilst the more off kilter TIMEBOMB is a song that parades the bands more leftfield side, the catchy melodies this time connected to awkward synths and jerky drum patterns.

With songs as strong sounding and anthemic as CAR CRASH EYES, Nemo are a band that demand your attention; further suggesting them as an outfit that could well be the very next huge pop explosion this year.

Mike Bond


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